LIVE Site® Content Management System (CMS):

Client Updateable Web Site Technology. Imagine, having the ability to update your own site, from anywhere without the need for technical website knowledge!

LIVE Site Content Management System (CMS) is Barrie Web’s proprietary technology that enables you to take charge of your website.

Modules can be installed/uninstalled/activated/deactivated with a click using the LIVE Site module administration system. Custom modules can be created for your specific requirements.

Registered users can edit their profiles, select site themes, upload custom avatars, and much more!
The ability to search for users by various criteria, send email and private messages to users through a template-based messaging system.

Powerful and user-friendly permissions system which enables administrators to set permissions by group.

  • From ‘Premium’ Template customization to Module Development, we can develop small & large company websites, small & large community portals, ecommerce sites, intranet or extranet for companies or corporations, sports team sites and much more.
  • LIVE Site enables you to establish a consistent look and feel throughout your site, but gives your non-technical content authors the power to publish and update their own content using simple, but powerful, browser-based tools.
  • LIVE Site stores and manages an organization’s electronic documents and Web content so that the non-technical authors and employees of the company can create & reuse the information throughout the website and its members.
  • LIVE Site websites when combined with Search Engine Strategies will get higher rankings as a result of regular content changes.
  • LIVE Site content can be distributed to customers and business partners outside the organization.
  • LIVE Site content can also be shared by e-commerce and customer relationship management systems (CRM).
  • LIVE Site is a program that allows you and your staff to easily manage dynamic websites with great content and many outstanding features.

  • LIVE Site is Fully Modularized.
  • LIVE Site Members’ Personalization.
  • LIVE Site’ User Management.
  • LIVE Site’ Versatile Group Permissions System.