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Website Exposure thru professional, cost-effective white-hat SEO with our exclusive 6 Month Ranking Guarantee*!

Keyword Research: We research the keyword phrases that will have the most benefit for your website and do all the tasks necessary to make your website search engine ‘ready’. You get Accurate On-site SEO, Off-site SEO and SEO Tracking to give your website maximum exposure to qualified customers who are looking for your products or services.

White-hat SEO: We only apply legitimate, white-hat SEO techniques to optimize your website for its main keywords to rank it on the First Page of Google’s search results and on other major search engines for your target keywords.

** The bottom line is a very effective search engine strategy at a very reasonable cost with regular progress reporting. Your website ROI (Return On Investment) starts with SEO services from Barrie Web. This is a highly effective program which will give you great returns on what is a relatively low cost investment compared to other advertising mediums.

** This is also a very detailed service – so please feel free to call us to discuss this in clearer detail. Consultations are Free.

Accurate On-site SEO: We will SEO adjust your website’s code, structure, content (with your revision and approval), meta-tags, meta-files, some specific html tags, the keyword density and keywords predominance and other SEO actions for your target keywords to get you higher rankings.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Analysis of Keywords Searched; Global and Local Volume, Competition and Relevancy
  3. Website Document type Analysis
  4. Optimization of Title Tags
  5. Optimization of Meta Description Tags (Based on the particular page’s content)
  6. Optimization of Meta Keyword Tags
  7. Header Tags Optimization for all important pages
  8. URL Optimization
  9. Optimization of italics and bold tags
  10. Optimization of HTML Code
  11. Analysis of non indexable attributes like Flash
  12. Analysis and Optimization of CSS code
  13. Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt and Title tags
  14. Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization (which includes the No-Follow and Do-Follow Attributes)
  15. Optimization of internal Navigation / linking structure
  16. Optimization of external Links (which includes the No-Follow and Do-Follow Attributes)
  17. Analysis of Broken Links and their Correction
  18. Optimized HTML Site Map Creation
  19. Optimized XML Site Map Creation and Submission for Google
  20. Optimized TEXT Site Map Creation and Submission for Yahoo
  21. Correction of Website Architectural (As required)
  22. Page Content Optimization (As Required)
  23. Checking of Canonicalization errors and their correction
  24. Google Web Master Setup
  25. Google Analytics Setup (As required)
  26. Website URL Redirection (As required)


– Keywords Research and Analysis Report
– Detailed Report of On-Page SEO

The above tasks will make your website Search Engine ‘Ready’ and will provide us with the foundation needed to get your website onto the 1st page of the Google and the other Search Engines.

On going Weekly/Monthly SEO ‘Ranking Boost’:

SEO Tracking & Analysis : We do weekly SEO work throughout the entire site to further adjust the keyword dominance and density in each part of the site and pages (based on nformation from Google Analytics, Google Keyword Trends and Research Tools to track traffic and visitors activity), with the right HTML code and format, and after that, we perform specific off-site SEO
actions such as Google Maps/Places inclusion, DMOZ, YouTube, Yelp, directory submissions, etc. to reinforce the on-site SEO with search engines reacting within 2-3 months.

During each month we will we will work on different, specific, relevant SEO keywords with SEO actions until we get you TOP rankings for your website with our Google Analytics account, Google Keyword Trends and Research Tools to track traffic and visitor activity. We will keep your website within Google’s changing guidelines and search algorithm.

Our ongoing “white hat” approach to SEO will keep your website compatible with Google’s changing guidelines and search algorithm to insure that your website will not be penalized by Google, now or in the future. This can happen if your SEO Company does not keep up with industry guidelines and your website is, or becomes in violation. The consequences can be disastrous and can take a very long time to fix!

Accurate On-site SEO: We will SEO adjust your website code, structure, content (with your revision and approval), meta-tags, meta-files, some specific html tags, the keyword density and keywords predominance, etc, and other SEO actions for selected keywords to get higher rankings.

Simple/Effective: Initially we will just need FTP access to your website files to do the SEO work (and also access to your CMS (content manager system) if your website has one).
All SEO adjustments will be applied on editable HTML, ASP or PHP pages/files.

Off-site SEO: We will create/update relevant inbound links from Google Maps, your Google+, Facebook, Yahoo sites, etc., but as redefined by the latest Google algorithm updates, to get permanent, stable TOP rankings for your website. We will not need to perform expensive link building, social media, blogging, content creation, nor increase the PR, etc. just a professional, very accurate, “white hat” on-site optimization as required by the search engines.

SEO Warranty: We guarantee our optimization work by providing you with our exclusive 6 Month Ranking Guarantee*!

Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports will be provided.

Costs: The on-going monthly costs will depend on the competition your website has for your target keywords. The cost starts at $245/month and includes our 6 Month Ranking Guarantee*. This means that we can guarantee that your website will rank on the 1st page of Google for at least 15 of your target keywords (that are not already on page 1) for a total cost starting at only $1470 paid over 6 months or $1295 paid in advance. This is an exceptional advertising value compared to other advertising mediums! Your website ROI definitely starts here with Barrie Web.

*6 Month Ranking Guarantee: We guarantee that your website will rank on the 1st page of Google for at least 15 of your target keywords (that are not already on page 1), or we will continue the monthly service for free until this goal is achieved. A very affordable (but serious) budget starting at $245/month for 6 months is required. We can usually offer this guarantee at this commitment level however this will be determined after the initial (no obligation) competitive analysis of your website and target keywords is completed.

Additional Extended Content Writing: High quality content is a key factor in high Google ranking. Your website can have the edge over your competition if you invest in well written, high quality, useful and helpful content. Extended content writing can be added to this service for as little as $100/month which would include regular weekly and bi-weekly content updates. Additional pages can also be added for approximately $200 per page and would be quoted on separately.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Consultations are FREE.

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