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Return on investment (R.O.I.) can easily be realized from a Website that is current, has function and gets ‘qualified’ Internet traffic. We call such a Website a LIVE SITE. A ‘LIVE’ Site is a Website that is controlled by the site owner. Updates get done when you or your staff does them. Feedback is first-hand and immediate.

Developing LIVE SITE solutions is our primary focus at Barrie WEB. Getting qualified customers, prospects and employees using your site is achieved by using Search Engine Optimization and other Internet Marketing techniques.

LIVE SITE puts you in control! Instead of waiting for updates that cost $60, $80, $125 per hour or more, we empower you with LIVE SITE Tools so you can maintain your Website your self (or have your staff maintain it) at a huge savings for you and the work gets done right away! Plus your web site provides valuable services, features and information that you and your clients can benefit from.

Our team approach to Website Creation allows us to create professional, graphically appealing, functional Websites and to provide fast, reliable Hosting of your Website and Company Email. The quality of our work and our keen desire to provide solutions that work for our clients has led to a steady stream of new referral business. If you can conceive it, we can achieve it!

Barrie WEB is your one-stop shop for Internet Services, Design Services and Custom Programming. If your company does not have a Website or if your Website could use additional features or a face-lift please give Barrie WEB a call. Consultations are available Free of charge, 7 days per week at your convenience. Please call 722-3245 or email us at info@barrieweb.com

Let Barrie WEB earn your long-term business.

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