It is often said that money saved is money earned. And rightly enough, if you aren’t spending, you are saving. With business costs mounting and sales dwindling, you cannot afford another expense. You need a website to help you grow and thrive in this digital world. So what can you do now? You have 2 problems, and the solutions to these problems are counter-intuitive! But, not anymore! With the Barrie Web – Website Builder, saving costs and getting a stellar website are possible, in one go. Barrie Web Build is a DIY website builder that can help you create a fully-functional and unique website. On your own!

DIY website builder

DIY website builder

You don’t have to be a coder and you don’t need to have deep pockets. You just need to get the 30-day free trial of the Do it yourself website builder, and you will see for yourself, how making a website isn’t as tough as it sounds. Well, we know some things are better left to experts. But our DIY website builder is no less than an expert itself. (Although, if you need us to do it for you, we’d be happy to extend our website design and development services!)

DIY Website Builder – How it works:

Let us walk you through the ways in which a DIY website builder will help you save costs –

  • Website development costs are minimized. When you hire an in-house team, you bear the overhead costs. And when you outsource or freelance the job, you again have to pay hefty sums to the “experts”. With Barrie Web – Website Builder, you can become the expert and do everything on your own. Without having to pay even a dime to someone else.DIY website builder
  • Maintenance costs are reduced. When the back-end of your website is alien to you, you’d have to run to an expert every now and then. But, with the DIY website builder, you can get acquainted with the website’s back-end. You’d be able to manage minor troubleshooting and hiccups along the way on your own. This will save you a lot of money later on.

And, guess what? Even if you can’t write a single line of HTML code, you can also add high-end integrations to your website. From email newsletter signup forms to Google Analytics, social media, and more – add as much as you want to your DIY website.

Also, the DIY website builder can help you design a unique and mobile responsive website, with template options that will make you stand out.

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