We all want users to love surfing our site, but sometimes we forget to step into our customers shoes. Here is a list of some of the top ranked user pet peeves. Is your website breaking any of these”user rules”?

  1. Slow load times
  2. Hidden or no contact info
  3. An outdated look
  4. Poor or frustrating navigation
  5. Broken links
  6. Duplicated content
  7. Excessive pop-ups
  8. Auto-play multimedia with sound
  9. Not being mobile optimized
  10. A homepage that doesn’t describe what your business does
  11. Missing social media icons
  12. Not having a blog
  13. Long paragraphs (nobody wants to read a wall of text, especially on a mobile device)
  14. Cheesy or generic stock images (They don’t feel genuine, instead spend your money on an in-office photo shoot capturing candid images)
  15. Whenever possible post text (or HTML) instead of PDFs
  16. Lengthy contact or signup forms